Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Sophiensaele Image Campaign / Art Work Poster, January 2016

Sophiensaele Image Campaign, spring 2016. Graphic Design: Jan Grygoriew

In January Peter Pleyer and I were commissioned to propose an image for Sophiensaele's Image Campain. Amongst our proposals, the photo with the mask made it onto the poster, and even on the cover of the program leporello. See the ones that didn't make it to the final round here.

Sophiensaele Image Campaign - Program February/ March/ April 2016. Graphic Design: Jan Grygoriew

Visible Undercurrent poster and the Sophiensaele Image Campaign side by side, street view, Berlin, April 2016 

Sophiensaele entrance gate, street view, April 2016

The original image. Photo / Art Direction: Keuper Pleyer, 2016

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