Thursday, October 29, 2015

Unfinishing / Costume & Set Design, September 2015

Michiel Keuper - Drum Kit Sculpture on optical illusion plinth for Unfinishing by Martin Nachbar, September 2016

In September I designed costumes and set for Unfinishing, a piece by Martin Nachbar in collaboration with drummer Steve Heather. It premiered in Sophiensaele (more info on the piece click here). The starting point for the costume was a contemporary form of shamanism. For the set I investigated in doubling and used the two pillars in the space as a center point. I replicated the drum kit Claes Oldenburg style in canvas. Also I made four optical illusion carpets/ plinths.

Dance: Martin Nachbar/ Drums: Steve Heather/ Dramaturgy: Jeroen Peeters/ Lights: Bruno Pocheron/ Costume, Set: Michiel Keuper/ Coaching: Zoe Knights/ Management: Susanne Beyer.

(All photos, video: Michiel Keuper)