Friday, April 15, 2016

I SEE RED Interventions / Transitional Sculptures, March 2016

I SEE RED/ Interventions - Transitional Sculpture, Michiel Keuper, March 2016

In March I participated in an improvisational performance series I SEE RED/ Interventionstogether with Peter Pleyer, dancer/choreographer and Andrea Keiz, video artist. Over the course of one week we brought together our individual practices and ideas/projects that we were currently working on. 
Partly inspired by the artist Barbara Kasten, who's known for creating studio settings and subsequently photographing them, I proposed transitional balancing sculptures from different materials, small objects and props. During the performance I would start building and balancing from scratch. Hence the installations were not fixed and the outcome would be different each night. 

From the program:
Inspired by the history of interventions by artists and designers in the field of choreography and vice versa, dancer/choreographer Peter Pleyer and visual composer/designer Michiel Keuper use this series of performances to improvise new space and dance compositions based on their long-term collaboration. On Friday and Saturday they will be joined by video artist Andrea Keiz. With a focus on process, the audience is invited to witness the creation of a landscape of objects, costumes, dances, books, stories and images.

[all photos: Michiel Keuper]

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