Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Club Donny # 7 / Latest Issue

Stolzenhagen, Brandenburg, Germany, 2010 - photo © Michiel Keuper

The picture above I took last summer in the countryside North-East of Berlin. Unlike this year's summer, last year's had way more sun but, obviously in this photo showing trees flooded by the river Oder, also lots of water. My photo now made it in the latest issue of Club Donny.
Club Donny is a 'strictly unedited journal on the experience of nature in the urban environment', made by my friend Frank Bruggeman together with Samira Ben Laloua and Ernst van der Hoeven. 
Frank is an inspiring artist/designer/botanist/florist/collector in his own right, whose work I admire a lot. Check his website here.

Club Donny #7 will be launched on september 25th in the Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam, the Netherlands and will be on display in specialist bookstores (check here).
For more info:

Club Donny #7 - cover

21 october 2011 - Update/ Via facebook/clubdonny:
"Club Donny photo: Stolzenhagen (Michiel Keuper 2010), featured in new art column by Maria Barnas in Vrij Nederland, 8 oktober 2011"

Pages in Club Donny #7, october 2011 - via facebook/clubdonny