Friday, August 03, 2012

Witch Camp Part 1 / Meg Stuart & Lexa Roséan / Ritual Performance

The Payen Tarot of Marseille of 1713, left, and 1930, right

Nipple gate...? Well, fact is that Facebook busted me for putting up these photos. This is how Facebook does it; they first give you a warning and take off just a couple of the photos that they consider violating their regulations. To then bust you with a final warning, half a day later, for the ones that they left on. Giving you a 24hour block and threat to delete your account if you ever do it again. So well, back to blogger I guess...

Now the story. During the Witch Camp workshop of Meg Stuart and Lexa Roséan at Tanzland Festival Ponderosa in Stolzenhagen in july, participants were asked to present a Ritual/Performance. The group of Asaf Aharonson, Maya Weinberg, Shiran Eliaserov, Aaron Water and Hallie Dalsimer asked me to collaborate with Anne Sophie Malmberg and Samina Bazai, to create an image in costume and setting, based on 'The Devil' from the Payen Tarot of Marseille. In Joy Mariama Smith we found the perfect devil and she played her role with devilish joy. The performers went to their limits and made a great ritual act. It was an instant and improvised collaboration, and a lot of fun.

Co-creators Samina Bazai, left, and Anne Sophie Malmberg, right

Try out with Anne Sophie Malmberg

 All photos by Michiel Keuper, july 2012