Thursday, March 03, 2016

I SEE RED/ Interventions / Invitation

I SEE RED/ Interventions - Invitation postcard. Photo/Art Direction: KeuperPleyer

I SEE RED/ Interventions. 
An improvisation event by PETER PLEYER and MICHIEL KEUPER with ANDREA KEIZ and other Guests
DOCK11 - Fri 11 / Sat 12 / Sun 13 at 19h.
Peter Pleyer will be ranting (hence I SEE RED) about the state of performing art in general and the Berlin status quo in particular with his mix of improvised movement, readings and monologues. Michiel Keuper will come up with visual interventions of the spacial and bodily kind. Andrea Keiz will contribute with video and moving images. Susanne Martin, Zen Jefferson and other guests will join on one or some of the evenings.
We'd love to see you on one or more of these nights!
Open structure. Each night a different line up. Come pass by. Watch. Engage. Hang out.