Monday, February 28, 2011

Kinetics / Ilona Kálnoky - 'aROUNDme'

Intriguing installation consisting of 5 rotating mirrors. In a way deceptively simple and at the same time compelling. The kind of installation so ingenuous and therefore the more surprising in its effect that it makes you wonder why nobody came up with this idea before. Or even: 'I could have thought of this...'. But then... I didn't.
In that regard it reminded me of some of the installations of Olafur Eliasson, who by the way was also a participant in this group show at Galerie Niels Borg Jensen.  
The exhibition 'Space Invasion' showed works of artists who work around the concept of 'space' as well as 'body in space'. As the gallery is exclusively dedicated to print making and sets out for contemporary artists "to work with print media", most of the works exhibited were prints. As such, the Kálnoky installation 'aROUNDme' was an exception to the rule. A beautiful exception.
Other participating artists were Olafur Eliasson as mentioned, William Anastasi, Elmgreen & Dragset, Thomas Demand, Kirsten Everberg, Clay Ketter, Eva Löfdahl and Al Taylor.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Juxtapositions II / Wolfgang Tillmans & Saul Leiter

Wolfgang Tillmans - 'Lighter III', 2006

Saul Leiter - 'Through Boards', 1957

First there was the visual connection that hit me, leafing through my box with postcards. But only while preparing this post, it struck me that Tillmans' title, 'Lighter III', is a phonetic reference to (Saul) Leiter. Coincidence? One might assume that Tillmans knows the master and it goes in the category 'quoting'. Intentional or subconscious, that remains a question. I'm intrigued since I'm fascinated as much by process as a final art work itself. But in the end, good art is good art I suppose.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

The State of Things / video

In november 2010 I was invited to participate in 'The State of Things', a 12 hour ongoing performance by Maria Francesca Scaroni and Vania Rovisco. As they were continuously on stage from 10am to 10pm, 18 guests, amongst them dancers, actors, musicians, writers, photographers and artists, joined and interacted with them and the other performers. Audience was able to watch from 3 sides and could come and stay (or go and come back) during the whole performance for as long as they wanted.
During my first entrance, early afternoon, I painted 14 banners using liquid acrylic paint and ink (3.30).
In the second slot, early evening, I made a collage on the back wall, using the drawings as well as magazine cut outs (6.33). For photos of this and more look at my previous post on The State of Things > by clicking here and scroll down.

>> More information, photo's and video's to be found at:
>> Or visit the website of Aktuelle Architektur Der Kultur (AADK), the Berlin-based artistic network, focusing on performance, live installation, video work, soundscapes and literature, that counts Maria and Vania amongst its members:

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Another random / from the series 'Past Present (Past Presence)' 2010

'Past Present (Past Presence)', ink and acrylic on magazine. © Michiel Keuper, 2010 

'Past Present (Past Presence)', ink and acrylic on magazine. © Michiel Keuper, 2010 

'Past Present (Past Presence)', ink and acrylic on magazine. © Michiel Keuper, 2010 

'Past Present (Past Presence)', ink and acrylic on magazine. © Michiel Keuper, 2010