Monday, April 03, 2017

BLUR / Costume and Set Design

In March I designed the set and the costume for BLUR, a solo choreographed by Joanna Lesnierowska and performed by Aleksandra Borys. It premiered 30th March 2017 at Art Station Foundation, Poznan, Poland. I created an assembled wall, consisting of 14 suspended panels, and a yellow jacket between a garment and an autonomous acting object.

From the program:
"Although the principle of ‘blur’ has been introduced into the tradition of European painting already by da Vinci’s sfumato-technique, it is however only after Gerhard Richter (in whose work the phenomenon of out-of-focus and hazy images took such a dominant role) that the blurred surface has become one of central motives in both figurative and abstract paintings as well as photography and post-photography of nowadays. Artists employ the means of blurring intentionally, in different combinations, and following different conceptual and technical strategies. Blurred surfaces, dissolving contours, hazy appearances, indistinct motifs in a state between apparition and dissolution, chaotic accumulation and constant overdose of equally important and unimportant details, dispersed visions and meanings, and aspects of color and composition brought to the fore – with all this in mind, we entered the studio to examine possibility of ‘blur’ in the context of body and choreography."

Photo: Jakub Wittchen

All photos (unless noted otherwise): Michiel Keuper, 2017

Concept/composition: Joanna Leśnierowska
performed by: Aleksandra Borys
set & costume design: Michiel Keuper
light: Joanna Leśnierowska (with research input by Jan Maertens)
sound & technical realization: Łukasz Kędzierski
voice coaching: Katarzyna Sitarz
graphic design: Michał Łuczak
production: Joanna Leśnierowska
coproduction: Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk
with support of: wpZimmer Antwerp, Visegrad Artist Residency Program for Performing Arts  (VARP-PA)

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