Sunday, February 02, 2014

Dark Material / august 2013

All photos: Michiel Keuper. Click photo for slideshow. 

Costumes for 'DARK MATERIAL' a collaboration by choreographer Jeremy Wade  and performer Maria F. Scaroni, visual artist Monika Gzrymala and indie avant-gardist Jamie Steward aka Xiu Xiu and Shayna Dunkelman. Commissioned by International Sommer Festival Kampnagel, Hamburg and Donau festival Krems. Premiere 8 august 2013.

From the press release: "(...) Together these specialists of different fields are working on experimental spatial drawings with various black materials. The work is inspired by Gzrymala's epic signature paper tape drawings that have been exhibited worldwide, producing diagrams of sensations, desires and affections. Wade and Scaroni enter a grotesque/queer/gothic pas de deux about human attachments and dependencies, proximity and distance, and the endurance, with which one turns towards the object of desire, even if it hurts."

By - Jeremy Wade, Jamie Steward and Monika Gzrymala / Performers - Jeremy Wade, Maria F. Scaroni / Sound - Jamie Steward, Shayna Dunkelman / Set Design - Monika Gzrymala / Dramaturgy - Eike Wittrock / Costume - Michiel Keuper

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