Monday, May 02, 2011

Juxtapositions / And the series continues... on a separate blog

Peter Lindbergh - 1994

Paul Strand - 1951

Since I started the juxtapositions-series, it has become a story on its own. It turns out to be addictive to find matching pairs of paintings, photographs or other works of art, that somehow relate to each other. Sometimes from different disciplines, sometimes from different eras. The one inspired by the other...? Intentional quoting...? Subconscious coincidence...? Homage...? Zeitgeist...? Not that it really matters, good art is good art I suppose, yet it is fascinating to discover parallels and connections. 
Just couldn't stop and still can't. However, since I intended this blog to have a personal character, whether it is by posting my own work, or indirectly by posting stuff that interests me, or by sharing my thoughts, the juxtapositions seem to be playing a slightly different role. Sure they show my vision, or my artistic preferences for that matter, since I'm the one who juxtaposes, but apart from that, it generally is not my own work, nor do I put any comments other than creating a dialogue between the images by juxtaposing them. So, in order not to confuse, I decided to create a separate blog. From now on, if you're interested, please check mfk / juxtapositions for regular updates.

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